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Fix support for 'Git open...'.

There were three problems that prevented this from working:

 - The argument list for run_log does not contain two arguments.
 - The '--follow' option of git-log only works on paths.
 - Regular expressions are used, but the 're' module is not imported.
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1 parent 88893b0 commit cc9cb7d45fcbb0ce58753c3020d011ab0765ee52 @danieldk danieldk committed Sep 27, 2012
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@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
import functools
+import re
import sublime
from git import GitTextCommand, GitWindowCommand, plugin_file
@@ -38,17 +39,18 @@ def blame_done(self, result, position=None):
class GitLog(object):
def run(self, edit=None):
- return self.run_log('--', self.get_file_name())
+ fn = self.get_file_name()
+ return self.run_log(fn != '', '--', fn)
- def run_log(self, *args):
+ def run_log(self, follow, *args):
# the ASCII bell (\a) is just a convenient character I'm pretty sure
# won't ever come up in the subject of the commit (and if it does then
# you positively deserve broken output...)
# 9000 is a pretty arbitrarily chosen limit; picked entirely because
# it's about the size of the largest repo I've tested this on... and
# there's a definite hiccup when it's loading that
command = ['git', 'log', '--pretty=%s\a%h %an <%aE>\a%ad (%ar)',
- '--date=local', '--max-count=9000', '--follow' if args[1] else None]
+ '--date=local', '--max-count=9000', '--follow' if follow else None]
@@ -155,7 +157,7 @@ def branch_panel_done(self, picked):
if 0 > picked < len(self.results):
self.branch = self.results[picked].split(' ')[-1]
- self.run_log(self.branch)
+ self.run_log(False, self.branch)
def log_result(self, result_hash):
# the commit hash is the first thing on the second line

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