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Commits on Apr 19, 2012
  1. @singingwolfboy

    blame: scroll scratch buffer

    singingwolfboy authored
    When running `git blame` with a full-file context, this change causes the
    newly-created scratch buffer to automatically scroll to the same position
    the user was in when he/she called `git blame`. This way, the user will be
    looking at the blame lines that are relevant to what he/she was interested in
    when calling `git blame`.
    Note that if the user has word_wrap turned on, and the lines in the blame buffer
    are longer (and wrap more) than the lines in the original buffer, then the
    scrolled-to position in the blame buffer may be slightly above the position
    in the original file. This is because the position is calculated by the offset
    from the top of the file, not by the number of lines of text.
  2. @singingwolfboy

    All classes should inherit from `object`

    singingwolfboy authored
    to make them new-style classes
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