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Add colors to "Folders" sidebar reflecting Git status #204

adnandoric opened this Issue · 69 comments

I'm not sure if Sublime text 2 is flexible enough to add this feature but I suggest it in case it is:

EGit for Eclipse allows the git status to be displayed directly on folders and files as colored icons, it would be great to have something similar in Sublime Text 2 as it is not easy to work in large projects without it even with this great plugin.
For this reason I develop mainly in Eclipse even if I really love ST2...

Please tell me what you think about this feature and if it is possible to implement.

Thank you


Would be fantastic to have this feature. I second it.


I third it, this would be awesome.


I would really like to see this feature as well.



Oh yes. Opening a project of someone else, or one lying around, or one after weeks or else and having that indication on the side is GOLDEN, even if you then use the command like to use git. It's the kind of "at a glance" view that seems nothing but makes a big big difference. :)

I had the same feature on TextMate thanks to ProjectPlus. :)

I'm aware that's something that Sublime Text should provide, since it seems there's no API for that. Just noting interest. ;)


+1,the TextMate have this feauture


So, I do completely agree that this would be a lovely feature to have. However! I don't see anything in the sublime text API that would let it happen. The closest thing is meddling with the status bar... and we're already doing that.

If I'm wrong, and if anyone has seen some other sublime plugin which is managing to do this, please say something.

@kemayo kemayo closed this

You're right, it's missing. I just hoped to get enough support here to request then a feature to Sublime ;)


+1 for this feature, its the only thing I miss from Eclipse


This is a desperately needed feature. I hope Sublime Text implement an API for it.


This would be awesome.


Would love to see this.

Githubs Atom's got something similar:


+1 @rnarian. This feature of Atom has me seriously considering switching.


+1 @rnarian man i wish we could do this in sublime


yeah i've been using sublime text 2 since the early betas and lack of VCS status colors in the sidebar has always seemed like a glaring omission. ST team needs to address this or they risk losing a large segment of their user base to Atom, just on the basis of this one feature.


+1 @rnarian wish st3 can impl It.


In my investigations of Atom, this is the thing I miss most when returning to Sublime Text.



In my investigations of Atom, this is the thing I miss most when returning to Sublime Text.


Today's dev release of Build 3062 adds sidebar icons, hopefully getting this feature closer to possible.


I don't think this is possible just yet. There is no API for the sidebar icons.


Sidebar icons can be set per file type/extension using preferences files. Hopefully API access will come in a future build. Fingers crossed!


i've got co-developers leaving SublimeText for Atom, and integration with Git, especially the ability to show Git status on the folder tree, is one of their main reasons. smart, cohesive integration with Git is quickly becoming a requirement in todays code editor landscape.


My position remains: this isn't the place to advocate for it. Were it possible it'd be in the plugin.

If you want it, go argue for it on the Sublime Text feature-requests site:


Please see and upvote this feature request:

No need to continue the discussion here.












This is why I used Atom for months. I came back to ST because Atom became too slow. So +1, but is it more important than a speedy editor? Nope.


aw man i just switched back to sublime text. took me half a day to set up too. i wouldve tried react first. stuck between two loves! =( tearing me apart haha


as it turns out, yes i had that checked. so still not fast enough unfortunately. i could try to remove some plugins but i don't have many.


Yea...The JavaScript just isn't fast enough. They should port it to Dart or something. Try to wrap Chromium (with the Dart VM) or something. Or maybe when Chrome has the Dart VM it'll be easier to do a wrapper. Dart would be fast enough.




Would it be useful to have these sorts of status displayed on open file tabs, rather than in the sidebar? That seems more doable.


Could work there too...But if you close the file, it's harder to tell. I think once a file is open, there's enough SublimeText plugins already that show you where your diffs are.


@tmaiaroto I use gitgutter but it's only helpful if I am looking at the part of the file with modifications. I want to know if there are modifications anywhere else in the file, and in files I have open but am not looking at (a middle ground between gitgutter and atom's functionality above)


:+1: oh yeah please


Badly needed in ST3.


I'm unsubscribing from this issue. Please stop commenting and thumbs-up-ing it. This discussion should be moved here:




+1 If the sublime api doesn't support it yet, at least a list of changed files would do. Similar to the display list of open files option in sidebar.






+1 , really need this in ST3

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I will absolutely unlock this and implement the feature, if Sublime ever acquires the APIs required to do so. Until then, I'd recommend requesting the enhanced APIs for it on

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