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Bellota Font Family

Bellota cover

Bellota is an ornamented, low contrast sans-serif with text and swash alternates. It’s just cute enough!

It comes in two variations: regular and text. Each of these comes in tree weights (light/regular/bold) and italics. There are stylistic alternates (for swash and non-ornamented characters) and ligatures available through opentype features. Stylistic Style1: Text Stylistic Style 2: Swash caps

Bellota supports most latin. languages and basic cyrillic

Bellota is based on the font "Snippet" by Gesine Todt (

To contribute to the project contact Kemie Guaida at

Bellota charset Bellota sample


The Bellota Family is licensed under the SIL Open Font Licence Version 1.1. The Open Font License is a free software license, and as such permits the fonts to be used, modified, and distributed freely (so long as the resulting fonts remain under the Open Font License).

In other words, you are free to use it for any purpose, commercial included.

If you remix or modify the font, I'd love to hear about it!.


Because Bellota uses components that fontmake cannot currently build (as of Jan. 2020) such as corner components, we’re using a partially automated build process. To generate correct TTFs, export TTFs directly out of (remove overlaps, autohint), then run the partial build script to change a few things regarding the hinting settings.


v4.1, Jan 2020

  • Bumped to Google Fonts specs

v4.0, Oct 2019

  • Basic Cyrillic support
  • Better Vietnamese diacritics
  • Wider character coverage
  • Better spacing and kerning
  • Better consistency on character outlines
  • Added Swash characters
  • Changed Stylistic Set 2 to 1

v3.0, May 2017

  • Better spacing and kerning
  • Fixed some character outlines
  • Added more characters to Stylistic Set 2
  • Fixed vertical metrics

v2.5, June 2015

  • First uploaded to GitHub
  • Added support for Vietnamese
  • Minor fixes.

Questions? Comments?

The font was made and is maintained by Kemie Guaida.

If you have questions or suggestions, you can open an issue here at github, or ping me via twitter @kemie