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C2PO Ruby language bindings

C2PO is a grammar of graphics implementation inspired by Hadley Wickham's ggplot2 library. This Rubygem uses the free online C2PO compiler and is limited to 1 MB of data. Plot specifications are compiled directly to an SVG string, which is returned:

require 'c2po'

#Make some random data:
data = 20.times.collect do
  {:a => 10*rand, :b => 5*rand}

#Specify a simple scatterplot graphic:
scatterplot_spec = {
  :data => data,
  :geom => :point,
  :mapping => {:x => :a, :y => :b}}

#Render an SVG string:
C2PO.render scatterplot_spec
  #=> '<svg height="660" width="660" ...'


For the plain client library, run

gem install c2po

or add

c2po, "0.0.1"

to your Gemfile.

If you want to learn the grammar and work interactively with the examples in /examples, just clone this repo:

git clone

install the deps:

cd examples
bundle install

then run:

bundle exec guard

to launch a live-reloading web server on localhost:3000 for displaying graphics. Walk through and execute the example code in examples/1-usage.rb to get started.