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an open form for public hosted and licensed software services


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an open form for public hosted and licensed software services

The form is under active development toward a stable release. Contributions are very welcome.

Download the most recent release from GitHub.

Be Warned!

Contracts are prescription-strength legal devices. If you need terms for your product or service, don't be an idiot. Hire a lawyer. A good one will ask good questions. There's no harm in telling them about this form. They may decide it fits your needs.

Do not put confidential information about you, your product, or your customers in issues or pull requests. Do not ask for legal advice on GitHub, or try to disguise requests for legal advice as general questions or hypotheticals. Nobody dumb enough to fall for that will be a good source of advice.


This form is for small companies offering software services that users access via web browser. It was written from scratch with a few key goals in mind:

  1. Minimum Legalese: Wherever possible, the form tries to use simple sentences of ordinary English.

  2. Maximum Internet: As much communication should happen online as possible, from signup to changes through termination.

  3. Commercial Flexibility: Allow providers to offer custom packages of features, pricing, deal terms, and other details without revising the form.

  4. One Form to Rule Them All: Free and paid customers, hosted-service and licensed, should all see one set of legal terms.

  5. Balance: Try to plot a middle course between what providers usually want and what customers usually want, placing risks and responsibilities where they'd usually end up if each side had full opportunity to put all its best arguments forward.


an open form for public hosted and licensed software services







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