Tools for high frequency illumination.
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Tools for high frequency illumination

Includes pattern generator and post process scripts.

  • ScriptCapture

    Automatic projection and capture scripts. Please refer ScriptCapture/ for the detail.


    Generates projection patterns. Image size, pattern size, shift amount, and color are adjustable. See usage by -h option.


    Separates into direct and global components from captured images.


These scripts depend on python, numpy, and opencv. For Ubuntu 14.04, these packages can be installed as:

sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev python python-numpy python-opencv

If you use ScriptCaptures, other packages are required. See also ScriptCapture/


This program implements the paper;

  • S. Nayar et al. "Fast Separation of Direct and Global Components of a Scene using High Frequency Illumination", SIGGRAPH 2006.

If you use our codes for publication, please cite the following paper.

  • K. Tanaka, Y. Mukaigawa, Y. Matsushita, Y. Yagi, "Descattering of Transmissive Observations using Parallel High-frequency Illumination", IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography, 2013.

You can use our codes under MIT license.

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