🐰 A game about a hungry ninja-rabbit who farts too often
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.o0 Raging Gardens 0o.

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HTML5/Javascript web browser game. Entry and an Honorable Mention to GitHub game-off-2012 challenge.

It's a lovely day at farmers field. A great time for a hungry (ninja) rabbit to sneak in and pull some carrots to eat. Too bad you weren't the only one with that idea. A horde of hungry opponents approaches fast! Pull as many carrots as you can in 3 minutes. To fight your opponents, you must use ancient rabbitjutsu tactics. These are slightly unorthodox. Simply uhm ... fart to push your opponents away or use a Carrot-on-a-Fork totem decoy to deceive them.

alt text


Collect as many carrots as possible in 3 minutes. Use the controls to move and repel opponents.

  • Arrow keys - Move your ninja rabbit on the map.
  • Z (or Y) - Hold down to pull a carrot from the ground. You need to be close to a carrot.
  • Q - Eat 1 carrot to fart to push nearby opponents away from you.
  • W - Eat 2 carrots to spawn a "Carrot-on-a-Fork" totem that attracts opponents and gives you time to pull more carrots elsewhere on the map. The totem is spawned on your current position.

Supported Browsers

Browser Supported Tested Versions
Google Chrome Yes 23.0; 24.0
Firefox Yes 17.0; 18.02
Safari Yes* 5.1.7
IE Yes* 10.0

*Game sound is currently (and sadly) not working under IE & Safari browsers!

Open Source Libraries

Raging Gardens uses the following javascript libraries:

  • Crafty - An amazing Javascript/HTML5 Game engine.
  • jQuery - The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library
  • Backbone.js - Provides model abstractions.
  • Require.js - RequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader.
  • Modernizr - Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser.
  • javascript-astar - An implementation of the A* Search Algorithm in JavaScript.
  • Cloud9 - Entire game was developed using this IDE. ...and I love it :)


The game without game art is under MIT License. Read the LICNESE file for more info.


Game Art

Game art and graphics are exclusively created for Raging Gardens by Stremena Tuzsuzova.

Sound and Music

Music score:

Using sounds authored by:

In order to suit the in-game atmosphere, I have edited almost all of the samples with Audacity.