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trying consul connect, L7 traffic manager, nomad-integration
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Consul Connect, L7 traffic manager, nomad connect integration trying

  • consul connect
  • L7 traffic manager
  • nomad integration

pre requirements

  • linux machine or Vagrant.
  • consul 1.6
  • nomad 0.10

build services

run in services.

run consul

NOTICE: consul connect envoy proxy can run only host network. see also

# note. does not use vagrant share folder for data-dir.
consul agent --config-dir=consul/conf --data-dir=/tmp/consul/data &

try consul connect basic

run services

docker run --rm --name service_a -e "SIDECAR_URL=http://localhost:9000" --network host -d service_a
docker run --rm --name service_b -d --network host  service_b
docker run --rm --name service_b_2 -e "PORT=3002" -e "APP_ID=2" -d --network host  service_b

service registration

curl -X PUT http://localhost:8500/v1/agent/service/register -d @service_a.json
curl -X PUT http://localhost:8500/v1/agent/service/register -d @service_b.json
curl -X PUT http://localhost:8500/v1/agent/service/register -d @service_b2.json

run sidecars. sidecar registerd as consul services as sidecar-proxy

docker run --init --rm -d --network host --name sidecar_a consul-envoy -sidecar-for service-a -admin-bind 
docker run --init --rm -d --network host --name sidecar_b consul-envoy -sidecar-for service-b -admin-bind 
docker run --init --rm -d --network host --name sidecar_b_2 consul-envoy -sidecar-for service-b_2 -admin-bind
curl localhost:3000/hello_a
# ok

intention edit.

consul intention create -deny service-a service-b
curl localhost:3000/hello_a
# NG

consul intention delete service_a service_b


envoy proxy is TCP proxy in envoy.

    version_info: "00000001",
    listener: {
        name: "service_b:",
        address: {
            socket_address: {
            address: "",
            port_value: 9000
    filter_chains: [
            filters: [
                name: "envoy.tcp_proxy",
                config: {
                    cluster: "service_b.default.dc1.internal.d0b3ab02-b74d-c383-cb72-96d738b8f10e.consul",
                    stat_prefix: "upstream_service_b_tcp"

service_b.default.dc1.internal.d0b3ab02-b74d-c383-cb72-96d738b8f10e.consul is forward to target envoy 2100x port listener. (if multi service same name, connection distributed each envoys.) this listener has envoy.ext_authz filter that connect to consul. Then, check OK. forward to local app cluster

custom envoy config

if config envoy log or tracing, and other, see

try L7 traffic manager.


router adding http path base routing to sidecar envoy.

if access /hello_b in service_a, route to service_b in envoy

# change upstream in proxy
## port 9000 upstream to own sidecar envoy.
curl -X PUT http://localhost:8500/v1/agent/service/register -d @service_a_in_l7.json
# indicate service use http.
consul config write l7/service_default.hcl
consul config write l7/service_default2.hcl
consul config write l7/service_a_router.hcl

curl localhost:3000/hello_a


service-router creates envoy dynamic route config.

dynamic_route_configs: [
    version_info: "00000008",
    route_config: {
    name: "service_a",
    virtual_hosts: [
        name: "service_a",
        domains: ["*"],
        routes: [
                match: {
                    prefix: "/hello_b"
                route: {
                    cluster: "service_b.default.dc1.internal.7f18c657-5cb0-a7e2-d079-50b9e88ce6c3.consul"
                match: {
                    prefix: "/"
                route: {
                    cluster: "service_a.default.dc1.internal.7f18c657-5cb0-a7e2-d079-50b9e88ce6c3.consul"

service splitter and resolver

resolver and splitter add customize routing rule to envoy's route config.

consul config write l7/service_b_resolver.hcl
consul config write l7/service_b_splitter.hcl

curl localhost:3000/hello_a

change splitter weight and conrig write.


splitter add route config weighted_clusters

routes: [
    match: {
        prefix: "/"
    route: {
        weighted_clusters: {
            clusters: [
                    name: "v1.service_b.default.dc1.internal.7f18c657-5cb0-a7e2-d079-50b9e88ce6c3.consul",
                    weight: 8500
                    name: "v2.service_b.default.dc1.internal.7f18c657-5cb0-a7e2-d079-50b9e88ce6c3.consul",
                    weight: 1500
            total_weight: 10000

mesh gateway

no trying here. but mesh gateway is public edge envoy-proxy (connect envoy proxy only use internal network, direct access cannot allow for mTLS.). config are almost same.

nomad connect integration

run nomad server and client. NOTE, for CNI use, nomad run as root permession, and consul command exsists in $PATH

sudo cp /usr/local/bin/consul /usr/bin/consul
sudo /usr/local/bin/nomad agent -config=nomad/conf &

according to

install CNI plugin and set network parameter

curl -L -o cni-plugins.tgz
sudo mkdir -p /opt/cni/bin
sudo tar -C /opt/cni/bin -xzf cni-plugins.tgz

set following to /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf

net.bridge.bridge-nf-call-arptables = 1
net.bridge.bridge-nf-call-ip6tables = 1
net.bridge.bridge-nf-call-iptables = 1
sudo sysctl -p

if continue from previous section, remove all service and stop all containers.

consul services deregister --id=service-a
consul services deregister --id=service-a-sidecar-proxy
consul services deregister --id=service-b
consul services deregister --id=service-b_2
consul services deregister --id=service-b-sidecar-proxy
consul services deregister --id=service-b_2-sidecar-proxy

docker stop service_a service_b service_b_2 sidecar_a sidecar_b sidecar_b_2

if docker image does not exisits in remote registory, export local image to tar.

docker save service_a > /tmp/service_a.tar
docker save service_b > /tmp/service_b.tar
# run localhost http server for artifact download
docker run -d \
    -v /tmp:/web \
    -p 8080:8080 \

submit nomad job

nomad job run nomad/service_a.job
nomad job run nomad/service_b.job

curl localhost:3000/hello_a

envoy proxy that run by nomad use with L7 traffic manager.


in service_a container, enviroment variable SIDECAR_URL is It means that nomad networking is able to connect with localhost between sidecar and app container by CNI.

these container running

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                      COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                    NAMES
403c1ada41e4        service_a                                  "docker-entrypoint.s…"   8 minutes ago       Up 8 minutes                                 service-a-185fba06-769d-709b-424d-82fd7c2ae2ce
d790eab98035        envoyproxy/envoy:v1.11.2                   "/docker-entrypoint.…"   8 minutes ago       Up 8 minutes                                 connect-proxy-service-a-185fba06-769d-709b-424d-82fd7c2ae2ce
a80ca3324134   "/pause"                 8 minutes ago       Up 8 minutes                                 nomad_init_185fba06-769d-709b-424d-82fd7c2ae2ce
1977b3e0ba9d        service_b                                  "docker-entrypoint.s…"   14 minutes ago      Up 14 minutes                                service-b-8dd8a9f7-3a6a-9db8-323f-b96d8fbb886b
20e9c8aef0bf        envoyproxy/envoy:v1.11.2                   "/docker-entrypoint.…"   14 minutes ago      Up 14 minutes                                connect-proxy-service-b-8dd8a9f7-3a6a-9db8-323f-b96d8fbb886b
a2541ff0b97a   "/pause"                 14 minutes ago      Up 14 minutes                                nomad_init_8dd8a9f7-3a6a-9db8-323f-b96d8fbb886b
66ae489a2fa1        service_b                                  "docker-entrypoint.s…"   14 minutes ago      Up 14 minutes                                service-b-55a64c29-d565-1385-7f16-790166faea6a
4b47ebdbee03        envoyproxy/envoy:v1.11.2                   "/docker-entrypoint.…"   15 minutes ago      Up 15 minutes                                connect-proxy-service-b-55a64c29-d565-1385-7f16-790166faea6a
67d5e2aaf657   "/pause"                 15 minutes ago      Up 15 minutes                                nomad_init_55a64c29-d565-1385-7f16-790166faea6a
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