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Custom nginx install on dotcloud

How to use

  1. clone this repo
  2. make any changes you need
  3. dotcloud create <app_name>
  4. cd into the nginx-on-dotcloud directory
  5. dotcloud push <app_name> .


If you need to change the way nginx is compiled, then you will need to look in the nginx/builder file.

If you need to change the nginx config, then you need to edit /nginx/

How it works

When the custom service starts up it runs the nginx/builder file which compiles nginx and puts everything where it needs to be.

During deployment to the host the postinstall script will be run, and it will add the HTTP Port that it was assigned to the file.

It will then be started up, and if all went well you should be able to start seeing pages served from nginx.

Static content

It will serve everything up under the static directory since it treats that directory as the root directory.

rebuilding nginx

To speed things up, it will only compile nginx once, if it has a good compile, it will always use that going forward. If you want to do recompile of nginx after this, you will need to edit the nginx/builder file and uncomment step 1A at the bottom of the file.