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Node.Cs Music Store Sample

This is the porting on Node.Cs ( of the Mvc Music Store ( sample application.

This had been created to demonstrate how simple would be the porting and how flexible would be the new web server.


This is a project developed to simulate the behaviour of Node.Js. It's not a direct port since simply I prefer the approach proposed here :) . Nothing against Node.Js developers, i love their work!

The idea is to leverage on the usage of "Coroutines" with the simple implementation offered by the C# IEnumerable and IEnumerator. I could have made something based on the new await and async, but I like to loose myself in the darkest and deepest forrest, for the sake of knowledge... or masochism sometimes.

The result was to develope a complete web server and to port MVC Music Store to this webserver.

Result, with JMeter and 150 concurrent users on 4 pages accessing the local database on an i7 quad core with 8 Gb ram. With 160000 request in total. Here you can get the test i used. The IIS version is the original music store, with all updated (MVC, JQuery) removing the SqlCe database (it reached 90 req/second with that...) and moving it to the database used as standard (with the System.Data.Entity.SqlServer.SqlProviderServices) with a file based data source.

All this without any kind of cache enabled.

  • CPU IIS:100% NODE.CS:35%
  • Req/sec IIS:150 NODE.CS:360
  • Errors IIS:0 NODE.CS:0
  • RAM, Max IIS:230Mb NODE.CS:37Mb

For some other results you can check this article from Eli Weinstock-Herman.

Just try it at home!


Well, firstly I was curious to understand if the whole thing was feasible without using the new async and await C# keywords. Having seen node.js and loving it's way of using resources, i thought to do something like that in C#, adding a plugin based infrastructure and the support for the already defined .NET MVC structure.

I thought to reuse part of the Cassini project, but there were too much refactoring involved. And i started something new, thanks to the HttpListener and the RazorEngine

After this (being really interested in LockFree data structures and, in general, to thread safe data structures, i thought that it would be nice to have a system where, for example:

  • Function x ask to download a web page, http://foo/bar
    • It asks for the page on a local cache, and pass to the cache a Lambda to get the data
    • Function x is stopped until the Lambda is completed, with the data
  • Function y ask http://foo/bar, but the previous Lambda is not yet completed.
    • It asks for the page on the local cache, but the cache realizes that it is doing a request for the page
    • Function y is stopped until the Function y lambda is completed
  • When the lambda completes, both function x and y takes a copy of the retrieved data. BUT
    • Only on http request had been made
    • Thanks to the lock free data structures used (Queues, essentially) no context switch was needed
    • No CPU had been wasted started stopping tasks and threads

All i did was something like what is made by the async/await keywords, but extending it beyond the tasks, like node,js does( Decompiling Async/Await written by the author of IlSpy).


Release 1.1.0

  • Core
    • Easy porting from existing MVC controllers
    • Coroutine based operations, no context switches
    • Heavy usage of CAS atomic operations
    • Easy Async and task operations
    • Predisposition for usage with IOC containers like Castle Windsor
    • File upload
    • Sessions with support for custom session storage
    • Cookies
    • Redirects
    • Automatic binding on controller parameters
    • Support for all major verbs
    • Automatic caching of static files
    • Multple overlappable sources for files
    • MVC like routing system
    • Form and Basic authentication method with custom data provider for authentication
    • Embedded performance monitor (eventually connectable with the Windows native monitor)
    • MVC like action and global filters
    • Use of embedded resources as source of static and dynamic resources
    • Small memory/CPU footprint
    • Capable of thousands of concurrent connections
    • Automatic recycle when reaching too high resources usage (configurable)
    • Logging
  • EntityFramework Module
    • Embeddable as nuget plugin
    • Offering a custom code first data provider for authentication
  • Admin Module
    • Embeddable as nuget plugin
    • Simple administration console
    • Visualization of all statistics
  • Razor Module
    • Embeddable as nuget plugin
    • Support for all the major helpers (UrlHelper and HtmlHelper) for model and form binding
    • Support for _ViewStart and _Layut
    • Support for RenderPartial and RenderAction
    • Support for ChildOnly actions


Feel free to ask (with an explanation) to change my priorities! All these are more or less indipendents between them

  • Release 2.0

    • Logging level by configuration
    • Routing through controllers attributes
    • WebSocket
    • Custom Castle Windsor module
    • Binaries cache with precompiled pages
    • NTLM1 Authentication with custom auth provider
    • Reduce recycle times
    • Enhance administration console
    • Porting to Mono
    • Optimize razor module loading
  • Release 3.0

    • NTLM2 Authentication
    • Enhance administration console
    • ... more to come