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#Silex base - app Basically this is my personal repo where I always start from. The most important parts are the DoctrineServiceProvider, TwigServiceProvider and the ConsoleServiceProvider.


Install this repo using composer (

  • Run composer install

To do's

When cloning, make sure you create the tables needed. See dump Add the database credentials to the bootstrap.php file


I've added some helper classes to work with console scripts. When adding your own scripts, you can follow these steps (for example for an import script):

  • Consider app/console/placeholder as the base for your own script
  • Create a new file called app/console/import (with extension)
  • Make sure the permissions are correct on this file
  • Add your script config to Console.php (protected static $config = array())
  • Create your ImportCommand class
    • Two required functions (see PlaceholderCommand)
      • Configure
        • Fetch the config
      • Execute
        • This executes your own code
  • Make sure the following folders exist
    • app/logs/locks
    • app/logs/console


I've added a simple class which monitors timers for each script. See PlaceholderCommand on how this is used. There is a default interval in the Console.php of 60 seconds between executing the same script. This can be overridden in the config of each script.


Now go to your terminal and execute the following commands:

  • app/console/console scripts --list
    • Show a list of scripts (and if they are running or not)
  • app/console/console scripts
    • This will start all existing scripts
  • app/console/console scripts --kill
    • This will kill all running scripts
  • app/console/console scripts import
    • This will run the import script
  • app/console/console scripts import --kill
    • This will kill the import script


All output is saved to app/logs/console/{name of script}

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