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Kendo UI DataSource RESTful API CRUD demo

This is a demo of the CRUD operations via a Kendo UI DataSource instance. The code contains only enough logic (tried cutting as much out as I could) to showcase the functionality of the DataSource abstraction. The demo does not promote anything else except the grokking of the DataSource configuration values in the context of a RESTful JSON API.

(Note: prerequisites = Node.js)

Step 1:

From the cloned directory install npm packages (json-server and browsersync)

npm install

Step 2:

Start Servers (one to server webpage and one to server API)

From cloned directry run:

npm run api

(i.e. starts json api at localhost:3000)

and, then in another tab in the same directory:

npm run www 

(i.e. starts browsersync and serves the index.html at localhost:3002)

Step 3:

Visit http://localhost:3002 and add users then do some CRUD

Step 4:

Examime the index.html file with the Kendo UI / JS code and see how simple it can be

Step 5:

Examine the db.json file and read up on json-server

I've also included some additional variations of the above demo.

Same UI as RESTful API demo, but using local data instead:

Similar UI, but using DataSource instance with a Grid widget to display data: