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Kendo UI for jQuery (cjs from npm) React, Webpack, & ES6 Boilerplate

Uses Kendo UI for jQuery (cjs from npm) with React (i.e. React wrappers around KUI widgets), Webpack, and ES6 (i.e. Babel).


First, install or update Node.js & npm.

Once you have Node.js/npm working open a terminal and install webpack and browsersync globally by running (might have to sudo):

$ npm install webpack browser-sync -g


Download a ZIP of this repository (i.e. kendo-ui-boilerplates).

Or, if you have GIT installed you can Git clone this repository.


$ git clone


$ git clone

Select the boilerplate you'd like to use from the directory you just downloaded/cloned and cd into that directory from a terminal.

Then run the following command from the directory of the boilerplate you selected:

$ npm install

This will install the required npm packages.


Open a terminal from the boilerplate directory. You should have one open at this point.

Run the following npm scripts commands:

$ npm run webpack

Open a new terminal and run:

$ npm run server

This will open the index.html page at localhost:4000 in your default browser using browsersync. Browsersync has been setup to reload after any changes to any .html, .css, or .jsfiles.


This project has been released under the Apache License, version 2.0