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Stealth addresses in bitcoin
Basically a diffie-hellman with extra steps
import math
import web3
import hashlib
import functools
import ecdsa
from random import randint
from web3 import Web3
from typing import Tuple, List, Union
from py_ecc import bn128
from py_ecc.bn128 import FQ, add, multiply, double
from py_ecc.bn128.bn128_field_elements import inv
# Signature :: (Initial construction value, array of public keys, link of unique signer)
Point = Tuple[int, int]
Signature = Tuple[int, List[int], Point]
Scalar = int
asint = lambda x: x.n if isinstance(x, bn128.FQ) else x
fq2point = lambda x: (asint(x[0]), asint(x[1]))
randsn = lambda: randint(1, N - 1)
randsp = lambda: randint(1, P - 1)
sbmul = lambda s: bn128.multiply(G, asint(s))
addmodn = lambda x, y: (x + y) % N
addmodp = lambda x, y: (x + y) % P
mulmodn = lambda x, y: (x * y) % N
mulmodp = lambda x, y: (x * y) % P
submodn = lambda x, y: (x - y) % N
submodp = lambda x, y: (x - y) % P
invmodn = lambda x: inv(x, N)
invmodp = lambda x: inv(x, P)
negp = lambda x: (x[0], -x[1])
G: Point = fq2point(bn128.G1)
N: int = bn128.curve_order
P: int = bn128.field_modulus
A: int = 0xc19139cb84c680a6e14116da060561765e05aa45a1c72a34f082305b61f3f52
MASK: int = 0x8000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
def hash_int(i: int) -> int:
Hashes int and returns
b = "0x" + i.encode('utf-8').hex()
return int(
Web3.soliditySha3(["bytes"], [b]).hex(),
) % N
def decode_int(b: bytes) -> int:
return int(b, 16)
def ecMul(p: Point, x: int) -> Point:
pt = FQ(p[0]), FQ(p[1])
return fq2point(multiply(pt, x))
def ecAdd(p1: Point, p2: Point) -> Point:
p1 = FQ(p1[0]), FQ(p1[1])
p2 = FQ(p2[0]), FQ(p2[1])
return fq2point(add(p1, p2))
def serialize(*args) -> bytes:
Helper function
Serializes all supplied arguments into bytes
b = b""
for i in range(len(args)):
if type(args[i]) is int:
b += args[i].to_bytes(32, 'big')
elif type(args[i]) is Point:
b += args[i].x().to_bytes(32, 'big')
b += args[i].y().to_bytes(32, 'big')
elif type(args[i]) is str:
b += args[i].encode('utf-8')
elif type(args[i]) is bytes:
b += args[i]
elif type(args[i]) is list:
b += serialize(*args[i])
return b
# Alice's secret key & public key
alice_sk = randsp()
alice_pk = ecMul(G, alice_sk)
# Bob's secret key
bob_sk = randsp()
bob_pk = ecMul(G, bob_sk)
# Alice generates a stealth address for Bob
random_sk = randsp()
random_pk = ecMul(G, random_sk)
d = ecMul(bob_pk, random_sk)
# Hash d to make it unlinkable
stealth_sk = decode_int(
Web3.soliditySha3(["bytes"], ["0x" + serialize(d).hex()]).hex()
stealth_address = ecMul(G, stealth_sk)
# Alice publishes the stealth_pk along with the random_pk
# Given the random_pk and the stealth_pk
# Bob checks if the stealth address belongs to him
bob_d = ecMul(random_pk, bob_sk)
bob_stealth_sk = decode_int(
Web3.soliditySha3(["bytes"], ["0x" + serialize(bob_d).hex()]).hex()
bob_stealth_address = ecMul(G, bob_stealth_sk)
assert bob_stealth_address == stealth_address
# Construct the one-time private key associated with the stealth address
assert ecMul(G, bob_stealth_sk) == stealth_address
assert ecMul(G, stealth_sk) == bob_stealth_address
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