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A simple but practical (zero knowledge) hello world project, built for Ethereum
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A simple but practical (zero knowledge) hello world project, tested on ganache-cli.

What does it do?

Simply put, the zero-knowledge dapp is responsible to verify if a user belongs to a certain group, without revealing any more additional information (i.e. who the user is).

Getting Started

git clone
cd hello-world-zk-dapp
npm install

# Linux/Mac
# Note: Only tested on node:12.14.1
# This starts up a ganache-cli process,
# compiles the zk-snark circuits,
# deploys the smart contracts
# and finally generate some proofs to verify
# if the user is part of the group or not
npm run start

# Docker
docker build . -t zkdapp
docker run zkdapp

Project Structure

  ├── circuits    # Zero knowledge circuits
  ├── contracts   # Smart contract logic
  └── scripts     # Scripts to interact with the deploy contracts
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