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Kendryte K210 SDK with FreeRTOS
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Kendryte K210 FreeRTOS SDK

Build Status License

This SDK is for Kendryte K210 which contains FreeRTOS support. If you have any questions, please be free to contact us.


If you want to start a new project, for instance, hello_world, you only need to:

  • Linux and OSX

mkdir your project in src/, cd src && mkdir hello_world, then put your codes in it, and build it.

mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. -DPROJ=<ProjectName> -DTOOLCHAIN=/opt/riscv-toolchain/bin && make
  • Windows

Download and install latest CMake.

Download cmake-3.14.1-win64-x64.msi

Download and install latest toolchain.

Download kendryte-toolchain-win-i386-8.2.0-20190409.tar.xz

Open a Windows Powershell, cd to Project directory.

mkdir your project in src/, cd src && mkdir hello_world, then put your codes in it, and build it.

$env:Path="E:\kendryte-toolchain\bin;C:\Program Files\CMak
e\bin" +  $env:Path

mkdir build && cd build
cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" ../../../..

You will get 2 key files, hello_world and hello_world.bin.

  1. If you are using JLink to run or debug your program, use hello_world
  2. If you want to flash it in UOG, using hello_world.bin, then using flash-tool(s) burn .bin to your flash.

This is very important, don't make a mistake in files.

If you don't like place code inside SDK, see CMakeLists.txt.example.cmake

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