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How to Use Kendryte Model Compiler

Kendryte model compiler is used to transform your model file to a C file, which could run on kendryte K210. pb and h5 format models are supported for now.



Note: We suppose ubuntu 16.04 LTS is used.

Install python3

$ sudo apt install python3

Install pip3

$ sudo apt install python3-pip

Install tensorflow

$ pip3 install tensorflow

Install Pillow

$ pip3 install Pillow

Install tensorboard

$ pip3 install tensorboard

Command Line Parameters

--tensorboard_mode: True to run tensorboard to visualize CNN, False to disable tensorboard (False default)

--pb_path: specify the path of pb-file or h5-file

--tensor_output_name: the name of tensor output operation

--tensor_input_name: the name of tensor input

--dataset_input_name: the name of the input of CNN

--dataset_pic_path: specify the path of an auxiliary picture from the dataset for transforming float point to fixed point

--image_w: the width of the CNN input

--image_h: the height of the CNN input

--eight_bit_mode: True to enbale 8-bit quantization, False to enable 16-bit quantization (False default)

--output_path: the path of C output file (build/gencode_output.c default)


Here we will take pb_files/20classes_yolo.pb as an example to show how to run it on Kendryte K210 finally.

Model Transformation

Type the following command on the command line from the model compiler root directory:

$ python3 --pb_path pb_files/20classes_yolo.pb --tensor_output_name yv2 --dataset_input_name input:0 --dataset_pic_path dataset/yolo_240_320/dog.bmp 
--image_w 320 --image_h 240 --eight_bit_mode True


  • tensorboard is disabled;
  • the default C output path is used.

Then we get the results on the terminal:

convert done.
[layer 0] Conv2d_0/max_pooling scale/bias: 0.05654605042700674 -1.5273598
[layer 1] leaky_0_2 scale/bias: 0.07839658400591681 -1.7567936
[layer 2] max_pooling scale/bias: 0.05823037764605354 -1.4459509
[layer 3] leaky_0_5 scale/bias: 0.06303120033413756 -1.7397203
[layer 4] max_pooling_1 scale/bias: 0.052160360298904716 -0.866366
[layer 5] leaky_0_8 scale/bias: 0.049140731961119406 -1.3931104
[layer 6] max_pooling_2 scale/bias: 0.040679183660768996 -0.9365978
[layer 7] leaky_0_11 scale/bias: 0.026200088800168504 -0.8973342
[layer 8] max_pooling_3 scale/bias: 0.028559230355655447 -0.5477671
[layer 9] leaky_0_14 scale/bias: 0.027155494689941405 -0.64771914
[layer 10] max_pool scale/bias: 0.022327593261120365 -0.50797397
[layer 11] leaky_0_17 scale/bias: 0.036412710302016316 -0.70867795
[layer 12] leaky_1_18 scale/bias: 0.023906670364679073 -0.54187393
[layer 13] leaky_1_19 scale/bias: 0.03958601858101639 -0.7297833
[layer 14] leaky_20 scale/bias: 0.03762062671137791 -0.8825908
[layer 15] yv2 scale/bias: 0.12349298514571844 -13.528209

Also, if you're not sure about the name of the input of CNN, the name of tensor output operation, the name of tensor input, the width of the CNN input or the height of the CNN input, enable the tensorboard to determine them as follows:

$ python3 --pb_path pb_files/20classes_yolo.pb --tensorboard_mode True

Modify Demo

Download kendryte-standalone-sdk (the current version is V0.5.2) and kendryte-standalone-demo from Github.

Copy kendryte-standalone-demo/kpu to kendryte-standalone-sdk/src/, and copy the above generated gencode_output.c from model-compiler/build/ to kendryte-standalone-sdk/src/kpu/ to replace the origin one.

Regenerate region_layer_array.include

You will find a python script named in kendryte-standalone-sdk/src/kpu/ . Replace the scale/bias pair's values at the beginning of the file with those at the end of gencode_output.c. Then type the following in command line to regenerate region_layer_array.include.

$ python3

Edit main.c

Possible modifications are as follows:

/* main.c */
/* number of classes */
#define CLASS_NUMBER 20
/* number of anchor boxes */
#define ANCHOR_NUM	5
/* w, h pairs of anchor boxes */
float g_anchor[ANCHOR_NUM * 2] = {1.08, 1.19, 3.42, 4.41, 6.63, 11.38, 9.42, 5.11, 16.62, 10.52};
/* label name and color of 20 classes */
class_lable_t class_lable[CLASS_NUMBER] =
    {"aeroplane", GREEN},
    {"bicycle", GREEN},
    {"bird", GREEN},
    {"boat", GREEN},
    {"bottle", 0xF81F},
    {"bus", GREEN},
    {"car", GREEN},
    {"cat", GREEN},
    {"chair", 0xFD20},
    {"cow", GREEN},
    {"diningtable", GREEN},
    {"dog", GREEN},
    {"horse", GREEN},
    {"motorbike", GREEN},
    {"person", 0xF800},
    {"pottedplant", GREEN},
    {"sheep", GREEN},
    {"sofa", GREEN},
    {"train", GREEN},
    {"tvmonitor", 0xF9B6}
int main(void)
      * 320 - the width of display
      * 240 - the height of display
      * 0.5 - confidence thershold to remove low-confidence boxes
      * 0.2 - IOU threshold for NMS
      * ANCHOR_NUM - number of anchor boxes
      * g_anchor - w, h pairs of anchor boxes
    region_layer_init(&task, 320, 240, 0.5, 0.2, ANCHOR_NUM, g_anchor);

Note: the above modifications are applied to yolo_v2-based model, you have to make additional modifications or reimplement the parsing process if you have a different one.

Build & Download

Build the modified demo:

$ cd kendryte-standalone-sdk
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake .. -DPROJ=kpu -DTOOLCHAIN=/opt/riscv-toolchain/bin
$ make

You will get kpu.bin in kendryte-standalone-sdk/build.

Download kpu.bin to KD233 with K-Flash. Hoory! The demo is running!!

Tips: please refer to official website , forum and GIT to get development resources for kendryte K210.

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