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The What

The xmlrpc module is a pure JavaScript XML-RPC server and client for node.js.

Pure JavaScript means that the XML parsing and XML building use pure JavaScript libraries, so no extra C dependencies or build requirements. The xmlrpc module can be used as an XML-RPC server, receiving method calls and responding with method responses, or as an XML-RPC client, making method calls and receiving method responses, or as both.

The How

To Install

npm install xmlrpc

To Use

The client-server.js in the example directory has an nicely commented example of using xmlrpc as an XML-RPC server and client (they even talk to each other!).

A brief example:

var xmlrpc = require('xmlrpc')

// Creates an XML-RPC server to listen to XML-RPC method calls
var server = xmlrpc.createServer({ host: 'localhost', port: 9090 })

// Handle method calls by listening for events with the method call name
server.on('anAction', function (err, params, callback) {
  console.log('Method call params for \'anAction\': ' + params)

  // ...perform an action...

  // Send a method response with a value
  callback(null, 'aResult')
console.log('XML-RPC server listening on port 9091')

// Waits briefly to give the XML-RPC server time to start up and start
// listening
setTimeout(function () {
  // Creates an XML-RPC client. Passes the host information on where to
  // make the XML-RPC calls.
  var client = xmlrpc.createClient({ host: 'localhost', port: 9090, path: '/'})

  // Sends a method call to the XML-RPC server
  client.methodCall('anAction', ['aParam'], function (error, value) {
    // Results of the method response
    console.log('Method response for \'anAction\': ' + value)

}, 1000)

Output from the example:

XML-RPC server listening on port 9090
Method call params for 'anAction': aParam
Method response for 'anAction': aResult

To Test

Build Status

XML-RPC must be precise so there are an extensive set of test cases in the test directory. Vows is the testing framework and Travis CI is used for Continuous Integration.

To run the test suite:

make test

If submitting a bug fix, please update the appropriate test file too.

The License (MIT)

Released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for the complete wording.