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GateIn API

The GateIn Public API is to be used within GateIn Portal to provide a standard and consistent way to obtain and modify portal entities.

Getting Started

To build with maven

mvn clean install

and include as a dependency in your pom.xml



To obtain the PortalRequest object from within GateIn simply do the following:

PortalRequest request = PortalRequest.getInstance();

The PortalRequest object contains information about the current request, for example to retrieve the current navigation node of the request:

Navigation navigation = request.getNavigation();
Node node = navigaiton.getNode(request.getNodePath());

The Portal interface allows you to do more advanced things create sites, create pages, or check permisisons. For example to check to see if the current user has access to a certain page:

Portal portal = request.getPortal();
User user = request.getUser();
Page homepage = portal.getPage(new PageId("homepage"));
boolean access = portal.hasPermission(user, homepage.getAccessPermission());