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GateIn Management

A management framework to be used within GateIn. Main goal is to provide an extensible framework that plays nicely with the portal while allowing REST services and CLI commands to be automatically consumed.


mvn clean install

Restful API

Assuming GateIn is running @ http://localhost:8080 using the default portal container 'portal', the entry point of the REST API would be


From here every resource can be located by performing a GET request and following children links.

By default, a GET request to any managed resource will result in the operation 'read-resource'. You can also specify the operation by adding a query parameter of 'op'. For example


is the same as


Browser content negotiation

For convenience, browser content negotiation is supported by adding a 'format' query parameter to the URL. This should only be used to customize content via a browser. All REST clients should follow the standard of providing an Accept header in the request. The following url:


will return the result in XML format, instead of default JSON.

Note: Browser content defaults to JSON for ease of readability. (JSON addons/plugins for browsers are available).


Default operation for GET requests. This request retrieves information about a managed resource, including children and operations.



Http Methods:


Example GET Request @ http://localhost:8080/rest/private/managed-components:


    description: "Available operations and children (sub-resources)."
    children: [
            name: "mop"
            description: "MOP (Model Object for Portal) Managed Resource, responsible for handling management operations on navigation, pages, and sites."
            link: {
                rel: "child"
                href: "http://localhost:8080/rest/private/managed-components/mop"
    operations: [
            operation-name: "read-resource"
            operation-description: "Lists information about a managed resource, including available operations and children (sub-resources)."
            link: {
                rel: "self"
                href: http://localhost:8080/rest/private/managed-components


Command Line Interface (CLI)

The CLI is based on CRaSH and is meant to run as a web application under GateIn. It provides ssh access to perform management operations. The default port for ssh is 2000. To change the port, edit the properties file


Important: gatein-management-cli.war must be added to GateIn as an exploded war file. So to install this, copy the target/gatein-management-cli folder to



An scp command is provided to be able to download/upload content to the management system. To invoke the scp command run the following

scp -P 2000 root@localhost:portal:/{address}

where root is the username, portal is the portal context, and address is the address/path of the managed resource.

For example to export the site classic from the mop managed component

scp -P 2000 root@localhost:portal:/mop/portalsites/


SPI (extension)

The extension component is a means for registering a managed component for GateIn. The implementation uses the Java 6 ServiceLoader to look up extensions. By adding a

file under


pointing to your implementation, the SPI framework will load your extension.