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Java One 2017 Demo


minishift start --cpus 3 --memory 4GB
  • Start OpenShift Console

minishift console
  • Login as developer/pwd

  • Create a Project

  • Select "Add to Project" and "Import YAML/JSON"

  • Copy raw content to create Kafka and paste into form

  • Select "Create" and then choose to process the template

  • Open a Terminal window and login with the oc binary:

oc login
  • Enter developer/pwd to complete login

  • Retrieve all the services to find the Zookeeper URL:

$ oc get services
NAME                 CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)    AGE
kafka         <none>        9092/TCP   5h
kafka-headless       None             <none>        9092/TCP   5h
zookeeper      <none>        2181/TCP   5h
zookeeper-headless   None             <none>        2181/TCP   5h
  • In the OpenShift Console, select "Applications" and then "Pods" to see all the running pods.

  • Click on one of the Kafka pods

  • Select the "Terminal" tab

  • Create a Kafka Topic, using the Zookeeper URL we found earlier:

./bin/ --create --topic fruit_topic --replication-factor 2 --partitions 3 --zookeeper
  • Deploy the WF Swarm service containing REST endpoints and the database:

mvn clean fabric8:deploy -Popenshift