full-stack, dockerized React token authentication with a Rails api
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What it is

This repo contains a Ruby on Rails application serving as the api for a React frontend. The API backend serves user token-based authentication to a custom-rolled, redux-based authentication frontend. The token auth implementation aims to be as simple as possible while still maintaining full functionality.

Why it exists

Use this repo as a learning exercise for rolling your own token auth, or as a starting point for a new app.

Getting started

All services in this repo are containerized. To get started, first make sure docker and docker-compose are installed.

  1. Clone the repo and navigate to its folder
  2. Create your own .env file at the base of the project. Refer to the .env.sample file for what's needed.
  3. Run the dev script with ./scripts/run-dev.sh
  4. Wait for the images to build.
  5. Eventually the dev server will be up at localhost:3001

Production stack

For production, the React site uses an alternate Dockerfile to build a production image. This image uses a simple nginx server to serve the static files which are generated from the build. Then, a combination of docker-gen and nginx are used to proxy requests to either the api or the react site. Finally, a docker-letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion container is included to optionally allow both services SSL encryption through Let's Encrypt.