A React and Redux-based table for server-processed data.
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Test it out here. project example


npm i redux-remote-datatable --save


  • Add the reducer.
import { dataTableReducer } from 'redux-remote-datatable';


const appReducer = persistCombineReducers(config, {
  • Add the DataTableRedux component with its required initialization props.
import { DataTableRedux as DataTable } from 'redux-remote-datatable';


  fields={{"Name": "official_name", "Birthday": "birthday", "Thomas ID": "thomas_id" }}
  idField="id" />

Initialization props

  • fields: An object whose keys are the table header titles and whose values correspond with values in the received data objects.
  • ajax: The data url.
  • idField: The unique identifier field of the received data objects. Used when assigning keys to child elements.

The component will make POST requests to the ajax endpoint for data to populate the table. In the body of the POST request will be a JSON object with the following parameters:

Request parameters

  • draw: starts at 1 and is incremented by 1 every time data is requested from the remote server and the table is re-drawn.
  • page: The current page.
  • perPage: The amount of data objects to be requested and displayed per page.
  • sortField: The field to sort the data by. Can be null.
  • sortDirection: One of asc and desc.
  • searchValue: The user-inputted search string. Default is a blank string.

Response parameters

  • draw: echo the draw from the request.
  • totalRecords: Record count before pagination.
  • data: An array of JSON objects with keys corresponding to the pre-defined fields.

Example response

    "draw": "1",
    "totalRecords": 473,
    "data": [
            "id": 52,
            "official_name": "Roy Blunt",
            "thomas_id": "01464",
            "birthday": "1950-01-10"
            "id": 51,
            "official_name": "Richard Blumenthal",
            "thomas_id": "02076",
            "birthday": "1946-02-13"

Example backend

  • An example backend, written in Ruby on Rails, is available here.
  • A separate example backend written in Elixir (Phoenix) here.