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JENY: Enables No Yellow!

Simple Hudson/Jenkins plugin that enables builds to be either red or green.
In other words no UNSTABLE builds. If this plugin is activated for a build, then builds that do not have status SUCCESS will result in failure.

How to install:
* Browse to the dist folder(
* right click the RAW link and choose 'save as'
* In hudson ui:
** Go to Hudson > Manage Hudson > Manage Plugins > Advanced 
** Under Upload Plugin click 'Choose File'
** Select Upload 
* Go to the Project/build you want to disable UNSUCCESFUL
* click 'Activate JENY'

NOTE: these instructions may differ some respective to the version of hudson/jenkins you are runnning.
The description was written based on an installation on Hudson ver. 1.395

Other ways to install:
* Download the source code from github.
* build with mvn clean package
* upload jeny.hpi to hudson/jenkins