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require_once 'PEAR/PackageFileManager2.php';
// recommended - makes PEAR_Errors act like exceptions (kind of)
$packagexml = new PEAR_PackageFileManager2();
'filelistgenerator' => 'file',
'packagedirectory' => dirname(__FILE__),
'baseinstalldir' => '/',
'dir_roles' => array(
'examples' => 'doc',
'docs' => 'doc',
'tests' => 'test'
'ignore' => array(
'simpleoutput' => true)
$packagexml->setSummary('Class to create KML code from a set of data');
$packagexml->setDescription('Class for creating KML code from a data source and outputing it to either a file or string');
$packagexml->setNotes('Various fixes and changes as suggested from the comments on proposal.
* The function to create the KML code now uses the SimpleXML class.
* Function to create KML code is now in the magic __toString() method under the XML_KML_Create
* Removed the save() method
* Implemented constructers and destructers
* Implemented one-class-per-file rule adding Main.php KML/Place.php and KML/Style.php
* Changed class name KML to XML_KML_Create
* Changed class name KMLPlace to XML_KML_Place
* Changed class name KMLStyle to XML_KML_Style
* Implemented set*() methods on XML_KML_Style and XML_KML_Place that validate input
* Code now adheres to PHPCodeSniffer standards');
$packagexml->addMaintainer('lead', 'hamstar', 'Robert McLeod', '');
'LGPL License 2.1',
$packagexml->addGlobalReplacement('package-info', '@PEAR-VER@', 'version');
if (isset($_GET['make'])
|| (isset($_SERVER['argv'])
&& @$_SERVER['argv'][1] == 'make')
) {
} else {
// vim:set et ts=4 sw=4: