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A collection of what I have in my .vim directory. People are welcome to do as they will with what's here, but please respect notices/licenses of third party plugins etc.
VimL Perl JavaScript ApacheConf PHP Shell Other
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after/plugin first commit
autoload Add visincr plugin
backup placeholder for ensuring undo directory is created.
colors first commit
doc Add visincr plugin
etc first commit
ftdetect bring some of that gitcommit goodness when I'm committing changes wit…
ftplugin some tweaks re rewrites
plugin Add visincr plugin
scripts first commit
skeletons add .gitignore file, delete backup & undo files that shouldn't be in …
spell first commit
syntax actionscript syntax file from…
undo placeholder for ensuring undo directory is created.
.VimballRecord Add visincr plugin
.gitignore ignore files in the undo directory
README first commit
cvscommand.vim first commit
drophyphen.vim first commit
filetype.vim first commit
funclist.txt updated funclist & added placeholder file for backup dir
info.vim first commit
jsl.conf first commit
mysql.txt first commit
mysql.vim first commit
overrides.vim merged in changes from current checkout of 'VIM integration for PHP' (h…
php-doc.vim merged in changes from current checkout of 'VIM integration for PHP' (h…
php_dump.txt first commit
phpdocheader.txt first commit
postgresql.txt first commit
python.vim first commit
screen.vim first commit other files, before I lose them.
skeleton.php first commit
skeleton.txt first commit
sql.txt first commit
sql_2.txt first commit first commit
unicodemacros.vim first commit
vimrc disable arrow keys hjkl ftw etc etc
wordlist.vim first commit
xdebugfuncs.txt first commit


Just create a symbolic link from ~/.vimrc to the vimrc file here.

    ln -s vimrc ~/.vimrc

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