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OpenStreetMap is a global project with an aim of collaboratively collecting map data. This package aims to make communicating with the OSM API intuitive.



Simply require and initialize the Services_OpenStreetMap class:

require_once 'Services/OpenStreetMap.php';
$osm = new Services_OpenStreetMap();

Downloading Data, saving to an OSM file

$osm->get(-8.3564758, 52.821022799999994, -7.7330017, 53.0428644);
file_put_contents("area_covered.osm", $osm->getXml());

Search for a specific POI, in a saved OSM file

$osm = new Services_OpenStreetMap();

$results = $osm->search(array("amenity" => "pharmacy"));
echo "List of Pharmacies\n";
echo "==================\n\n";

foreach ($results as $result) {
    $name = null;
    $addr_street = null;
    $addr_city = null;
    $addr_country = null;
    $addr_housename = null;
    $addr_housenumber = null;
    $opening_hours = null;
    $phone = null;

    $line1 = ($addr_housenumber) ? $addr_housenumber : $addr_housename;
    if ($line1 != null) {
        $line1 .= ', ';
    echo  "$name\n{$line1}{$addr_street}\n$phone\n$opening_hours\n\n";

Get a specific Node

require_once 'Services/OpenStreetMap.php';

$osm = new Services_OpenStreetMap();


Getting specific changesets, ways etc follow the same pattern.

Updating a way, or several.

require_once 'Services/OpenStreetMap.php';

// A password file, is a colon delimited file.
// Eg.
$config = array('passwordfile' => './credentials');
$osm = new Services_OpenStreetMap($config);

$changeset = $osm->createChangeset();
$changeset->begin("These ways are lit");
$ways = $osm->getWays($wayId, $way2Id);
foreach ($ways as $way) {
    $way->setTag('highway', 'residential');
    $way->setTag('lit', 'yes');

Creating a node.

 * If you are going to connect to the live API server to run a quick
 * test that adds new data, such as POIS, with test/imaginary values
 * please be responsible and delete them afterwards.

require_once 'Services/OpenStreetMap.php';

$config = array(
    // A password file, is a colon delimited file.
    // Eg.
    'passwordfile' => './credentials',
    // The live API server is
    'server'       => '',
$osm = new Services_OpenStreetMap($config);

$changeset = $osm->createChangeset();
$changeset->begin("Added Acme Vets.");
// The latitude and longitude values here are intentionally invalid, see
// note above.
$lat = 182.8638729;
$lon = -188.1983611;
$node = $osm->createNode($lat, $lon, array(
    'name' => 'Acme Vets',
    'building' => 'yes',
    'amenity' => 'vet')

Working with user information.

The getUser() method retrieves information for the current user.

$config = array(
    'user' => '',
    'password' => 'w1lma4evah'

$osm = new Services_OpenStreetMap($config);
$user = $osm->getUser();

echo 'My OSM Mugshot is at ', $user->getImage(), "\n";

The getUserById() method retrieves information for the specified user.

$osm = new Services_OpenStreetMap();
$user = $osm->getUserById(1);

What can Services_OpenStreetMap_OpeningHours parse?

  • General syntax "Mo 08:00-24:00; Tu-Fr 00:00-24:00; Sa 00:00-22:00; Su 10:00-20:00"
  • 24/7 always evaluates to true/open.
  • a null value always equates to a null response.
  • Sunrise/sunset, eg mo-su: sunrise-sunset
  • Day Off, eg: "Tu off; Mo-Sa 10:00-20:00"
  • Month Off, For example: "24/7; Aug off"
  • Exceptions such as: "24/7; Aug 10:00-14:00" and "Mo-Sa 10:00-18:00; Jun 23 11:15-13:30"
  • Multiple times specified for days: mo-fr 9:00-13:00, 14:00-17:30; sa 9:00-13:00

At the moment, sunrise-sunset is the only sunrise/sunset spec that's tested. e.g. 14:00-sunset isn't tested, nor is sunrise-13:37 for that matter.

Also it only recognises English month names in the values but this is per spec specification cf It doesn't currently support parsing Public Holidays or School Holidays.

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