Turing Machines and their restrictions: DFA, NFA, PDA etc, implemented in JavaScript. The design is polymorphic to show the restrictions on Turing Machine.
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A polymorphic implementation of the machines: DFA, NFA, e-NFA, PDA, TM, NTM, in Javascript. The design is object-oriented to show the machine functions, and to emphasize that the other machines are restrictions of the non-deterministic Turing Machine (NTM).


For the course paper, look inside the folder paper.


For the code documentation, look inside the folder docs; generated by Docco.


For the JS implementation:

Note that the machine definition (as JSON files, refer examples for format) is specified at the top in machine.js. This is where the machine is built, and exported for usage elsewhere.

Simply build and run as usual: type into terminal node <file>, where is:

  1. machine.js to construct a machine and compute input strings from the specified JSON. All machines: DFA, NFA, e-NFA, PDA, TM are polymorphic restrictions of a nondeterministic Turing Machine.

  2. DFA-distin-table.js to run the algorithm for constructing the table of distinguishabilities for DFA.

  3. DFA-minimizer.js to construct an equivalent, minimal DFA from the table above.

converter.js and Tree.js are helper classes for machine.js, and will be called within it. The former converts DFA, NFA, e-NFA, PDA into restrictions of TM; the latter gives the nondeterministic structure of TM.

Chomsky Normal Form

There's now a file, under the CNF folder, that converts a grammar into Chomsky Normal Form. For the proper JSON format for the CFG, refer to examples in the CFG subfolders.

JSON format

For sample machine definitions, refer to the sample json files in the definitions folder. The format is designed to reflect the restrictive-polymorphic nature among the machines.


updated Apr 21

v0.3: Complete implementation of all machines: DFA, NFA, e-NFA, PDA, TM as restrictions of a non-deterministic Turing Machine.

v0.2: Implemented NTM, and then DFA and NFA as its restrictions.

v0.1: Implemented DFA and NFA, with DFA minimizer and distin-table algorithm.