This script can be used to flash a specific card in a system with one or more CAPI cards installed.
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capi-flash-support README

On build machine (x86):

Prepare sof or bit file for CAPI flash: ./ <path-to-bit-file>

Script creates .dat file with a md5sum, file type and programming file. 

The .dat can be flashed to the card using sudo ./ <path-to-bit-file>
This will check the .dat file and flash it using the

Setup instructions

The following steps are required for setup on the POWER8:

- Increase eeh_max_freezes value (echo 100000 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/powerpc/eeh_max_freezes)

On build machine (finish POWER8 setup before configuring remote server):

- Install Quartus and Vivado (need full license version for Xilinx)
- Update  the profile quartus and vivado scripts in capi-test-script/profile.d and copy them to /etc/profile.d
- Configure FPGA cards with CAPI image
- Confirm CAPI cards are using PSL (ls /sys/class/cxl will list available cards)

Release Notes

 -Initial release