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Twilio wrapper
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Wrapper around the twilio API

This package is incomplete. Please contribute new components and graphs. I'll try to incorporate as soon as time allows.


This package requires manual testing because Twilio only allows private keys for testing. See for more information.

Run grunt test:all to test manually.



Create a twilio client object given the account ID and the auth token of your twilio account.


  • ACCOUNT: the account ID
  • TOKEN: the auth token


  • OUT: a twilio client object


Send/Receive SMS messages. See the twilio doc on receiving SMS messages and sending SMS messages for more information.


  • CLIENT: the twilio client created by Client component
  • SEND: the POST parameters as outlined in the doc; each packet is an object of parameters. Multiple packets send multiple SMS messages
  • RECEIVE: message SIDs; each packet is a string of an SID. An empty connection with no packets or no packets of SID strings which start with "SM" lists all messages


  • OUT: a message object for each incoming packet. See doc for what would be in a returned object


(Adapted from the twilio doc) Send an SMS from 415-814-1829 to 415-935-2345 begging Jenny for a second chance and print the returned object to screen.

ClientGen(twilio/Client) OUT -> CLIENT Sms(twilio/Sms)
'{"body":"Jenny please?! I love you <3","to":"+14159352345","from":"+14158141829"}' OUT -> IN Message(string/ParseJson)
Message() OUT -> SEND Sms() OUT -> IN Output(Output)

Getting two messages by their SIDs.

ClientGen(twilio/Client) OUT -> CLIENT Sms(twilio/Sms)
'SM800f449d0399ed014aae2bcc0cc2f2ec\nSM800f449d0399ed014aae2bcc0cc2f2ed' OUT -> IN Sids(SplitStr)
Sids() OUT -> RECEIVE Sms() OUT -> IN Output(Output)

Listing all messages.

ClientGen(twilio/Client) OUT -> CLIENT Sms(twilio/Sms)
'' -> RECEIVE Sms() OUT -> IN Output(Output)