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Simple little command line weather app written in Go
Go Shell
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Version 3.2

Note: you will need an API key, you may register here: Copy to HOMEDIR/.goweather/ and fill in your API key

Build it:


Simple usage


Note: you can copy the built goweather bin to /usr/local/bin/goweather and use it from any location


  • -forecast=false: Show 8 day forecast


$ ./goweather
GoWeather 3.2 - @kenhkelly

      Found you in: Pompano Beach, Florida

      Current Weather: 09 May 18 17:02 EDT

        Summary     Partly Cloudy
        Temperature 83.059998
        Humidity    0.550000
        WindSpeed   13.720000
        WindBearing 54.000000


Version Change
v3.2 Add "found you in: {location}" and fixed panic bug related to bad API token
v3.1 Add blank line after the output to help with spacing
v3.0 Rewrite of the app to use as the API source, because the last API no longer functioned
v2.2 Add ability to use wind with a flag
Reorder the flags in the code and add descriptions to the flags
Remove the unnecessary help flag
v2.1 Various bug fixes.
v2.0 Added the days and help flag.
v1.2 Added auto-detection of location when location is not provided
v1.1 Refactor put in place
v1.0 Initial version, provided the weather
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