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# To boldly go where no dotfiles have gone before!
echo "Starting..."
files=`find . -type f -name "*" -not -name .DS_Store -not -name -not -name .gitignore -not -name -not -path "./.git/*"` # ignore .git folder, .DS_Store,, .gitignore, this file
for file in $files; do
if [[ -d "$file" ]]; then
# if file is a directory, symlink all of the files within it, to the appropriate paths
echo "$file is a directory!"
# if file is not a directory, just symlink that shit
echo "$file"
newFile="$(echo $file | sed "s/\.\/\(.*\)/\1/g")" # dark magic!
echo "Symlinking $newFile..."
ln -fs $sourceFile $targetFile
echo "$targetFile symlinked to $sourceFile"
# add apm install stars bit here
apm stars --install
echo "Finished!"
# other things this should do:
# install homebrew
# brew install fish
# brew install thefuck
# connect fish the right way - add to /etc/shells file, and run `chsh -s /usr/local/bin/fish`
# make the `find` command up top ignore all the non-directory files in this repo
# install fisher
# install fish-nvm & latest node
# install node js
# install xcode command line tools