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Lovingly based off Matt Swanson's Lagom jekyll theme. I've slowly been modifying the fork to a point where it made more sense to just have it be separated from the original - but without this I'd never have even gotten into the Github Pages game.

Lagom is a Swedish word with no direct English equivalent, meaning "just the right amount"

Lagom, a Jekyll blog theme with just the right amount of style.

Extracted lovingly from for your enjoyment!

I've attempted to move all the SASS variables and hardcoded text into the theme.yml file for a more pleasant updating experience. There may be a couple that are missing, as this is currently a work in progress.

Action Shots




You should have a server up and running locally at http://localhost:4000.


If you're not interested in making any changes to the theme directly, you can update the _config.yml file in your repository to replace theme: ... with remote-theme: kenjdavidson/lagomier. You can then override any specific files to provide your own implementation.


You can also complete the installation using a combination of the two - Fork repo to your own account and use the remote-theme: youraccount/lagom to configure.


Next you'll want to change a few things. Most of them can be changed directly in theme.yml. That's where you can add your social links, change the accent color, stuff like that.

There's a few other places that you'll want to change, too:

Custom Domain

CNAME: If you're using this on GitHub Pages with a custom domain name, you'll want to change this to be the domain you're going to use. All that should be in here is a domain name on the first line and nothing else (like:

Fav Icon

favicon.png: This is the icon in your browser's address bar. You should change it to whatever you'd like.

Site logo

The site logo is has a number of different configuration options, in the following priority:

  • Adding the theme.logo configuration item to the _data/theme.yml file.
  • Adding a gravatar link/id to the _data/theme.yml file.
  • Adding the file logo.png to you repository.

Site logo can be customized by overriding the assets/css/all.css and providing custom styles for img[#avatar] { }

Site Content (Text)

The following text content can be updated in theme.yml instead of searching through template/include files. You can always override each of the template/include files, but I've tried to make the theme.yml gospel:

File Entry Description
theme.yml description
config.yml description


You should deploy with GitHub Pages - it's just easier.

All you should have to do is rename your repository on GitHub to be Since everything is on the gh-pages branch, you should be able to see your new site at

Local Deployment

$ bundle exec jekyll serve


MIT with no added caveats, so feel free to use this on your site without linking back to me or using a disclaimer or anything silly like that.


Feel free to open issues if you run into trouble or have suggestions. Pull Requests always welcome.