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The core Rails Engines plugin for ecproxy(, built as a normal rails app in advance for development convenience.

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This software is currently under development, and not ready for use.



ecproxy is a CMS for building e-commerce sites that act as a proxy purchaser. It is aimed for introducing overseas items.

Customers put items into the shopping cart from existing e-commerce sites, using bookmarklets. Auto translation is also available by bookmarklets.

After customers checkout the cart and finish payment, "proxy shoppers" will purchase the items, setting the shipment address to a "shipping relayer". A "shipping relayer" receives the items, checks the order list in ecproxy, and then relays them to the overseas customer.


  • Github project "ecproxy"

    A Rails app. A quite empty one. All features are provided by Rails Engines.

  • Github project "ecproxy_core"

    A Rails Engine for "ecproxy", but currently a normal Rails app, for development convenience.

"Themes" are also to be provided by Rails Engines, containing erb, image, and css files.

Design Drawings

Use Case

alt text

Page Flow

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