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.travis.yml Python's CUTEst Interface

Build Status is a Python interface package for modeling and solving optimization problems from CUTEst collection.



  1. Clone this repo:

    git clone
  2. In the folder cutest/tools, copy site.template.cfg to site.cfg and modify to your needs.

  3. Install:

    python install
    python test


>>> from cutest.model.cutestmodel import CUTEstModel

>>> model = CUTEstModel('ROSENBR')

>>> f = model.obj(model.x0)
>>> g = model.grad(model.x0)
>>> H = model.hess(model.x0)


With the sifedecoder, you can check if the problem exists in differents size. For example, LUBRIFC problem exists in 3 differents size. To import the size you want, you just have to give as argument the sifparameter when you initiate your problem in Python. For example:

>>> from cutest.model.cutestmodel import CUTEstModel

>>> model = CUTEstModel('LUBRIFC', sifParams=['-param', 'NN=50'])