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The tempescope is a physical display that can recreate various weather conditions (eg: rain, clouds, lightning) inside a box. OpenTempescope is the open source version of tempescope.

The system is composed of three parts: OpenTempescope- the box itself Tempescope Demo App- an app that runs on your iOS device, and connects to OpenTempescope by BLE

For more information, see our website at:

CONTENTS OF DISTRIBUTION: tempescope: contains source code for the OpenTempescope and Tempescope Demo App hardware: contains the schematics, CAD data etc for the hardware


  • OpenTempescope/OpenTempescope load this sketch onto an ATMega328p and insert into your OpenTempescope.

  • OpenTempescope/TempescopeController/TempescopeDemo runs on an iOS device to control your OpenTempescope. The distributed version does not connect to a weather forecast service of any sort- this is left as an exercise for the reader.

Ken Kawamoto (