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What's OpenTempescope?

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Finding out tomorrow's weather forecast usually involves searching on the web, turning on the news channel, or resorting to widgets.

How great would it be if this was as easy as looking outside the window?

This thought led me to build tempescope, a physical display that can reproduce weather conditions inside your living room.

Tempescope on Bookshelf

The device can simulates various weather conditions like clouds, rain, lightning, and sunset.

The device can be remotely controlled by an iOS device, allowing users to integrate the tempescope as a display into their own applications. The OpenTempescope project is a branch of the tempescope project that has been released to the open source community, so that anyone can build a copy of tempescope for free.

But to get you started, the OpenTempescope project currently provides two applications:

  • Today's Weather

    This app automatically downloads the weather forecast where you live, and "plays it back" on your Tempescope, so that you always know if you're going to need an umbrella as you leave the house.

  • World Weather

    A map interface lets you select and play the current weather of anywhere in the world.

Please see our How to Build OpenTempescope page to see how you can build one for yourself!

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