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Oak seedling survival in clearcuts
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Comparison of white and black oak seedling growth and survival under multiple harvest treatments (clearcut interior, clearcut edge, shelterwood, and unharvested control) as part of the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment. Hierarchical models fit in a Bayesian framework were used for both growth and survival analyses.

The results are published in the following article:

Kellner, Kenneth F., and Robert K. Swihart. 2016. Timber harvest and drought interact to impact oak seedling growth and survival in the Central Hardwood Forest. Ecosphere 7: e01473.


The analysis_seedling_growth.R and analysis_seedling_survival.R files contain the Bayesian analyses of seedling growth and survival, respectively.

The analysis_light.R file contains an analysis of differences in canopy cover/light availability along a transect across a clearcut edge.

The function_format_data.R file contains a function for parsing the raw growth/survival and covariate data into more useful formats.

The models folder contains the model files (in the BUGS language) for the analyses.

The figures folder contains code generating the figures in the final manuscript.

The data subfolder contains example CSV files representative of the actual data used in this study. I do not currently have permission to publish the complete raw data.

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