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Parse Swagger files to get detailed information of APIs
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Partial results

In alphabetical order

No. Name Portal Result
1 Azure Batch azurebatch_statistic.json
2 Backupify backupify_statistic.json
3 BigOven bigoven_statistic.json
4 Bitly bitly_statistic.json
5 Foursquare foursquare_statistic.json
6 Disqus disqus_statistic.json
7 DoubleClick doubleclick_statistic.json
8 Gettyimages gettyimages_statistic.json
9 Github github_statistic.json
10 Gmail gmail_statistic.json
11 Google Analytics googleanalytics_statistic.json
12 Google Calendar googlecalendar_statistic.json
13 Instagram instagram_statistic.json
14 Pushpay pushpay_statistic.json
15 Reddit reddit_statistic.json
16 Slack slack_statistic.json
17 Spotify spotify_statistic.json
18 StackExchange stackexchange_statistic.json
19 Trello trello_statistic.json
20 Twilio twilio_statistic.json
21 Twitter twitter_statistic.json
22 Uber uber_statistic.json
23 Weibo weibo_statistic.json
24 Wikimedia wikimedia_statistic.json
25 Wordnik wordnik_statistic.json
26 Youku youku_statistic.json
27 Youtube youtube_statistic.json
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