Plugin for to relabel and automatically resize a button (or similar grouped set of layers)
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Relabel Button plugin for Sketch

The Relabel Button plug-in for prompts for a button's new label then applies the text, resizes the button background and repositions any other interior elements while maintaining the existing padding.


Have a look...


  • Select any group or symbol that contains a text layer and one or more other layers (dividers, icons, drop-arrows, etc)
  • Press Cmd+J and enter the new text for the button (or Cmd+Ctrl+J for right aligned resize)

That's it! The text and other objects will be updated maintaining the button's original padding and relative layout.


  • nested groups not supported
  • for symbols, elements SHOULD NOT be placed within a group
  • for symbols, child elements should have Resizing set to Pin To Corner so they do not get shrunk/stretched
  • see the Relabel Button Guidelines Sketch file for example buttons

Changing the Default Keyboard Shortcut

  1. Choose "Reveal Plugins Folder..." from Sketch's Plugins menu.

  2. Open the file "Relabel Button.sketchplugin" in a text editor.

  3. Edit the shortcut specification at the end of the first line:

    // Relabel Button Plugin (cmd j)


Many thanks to Alexander Kudymov, who wrote the Dynamic Button plugin which I modified.

Also thanks to @fuggfuggfugg, who graciously shared useful code for manipulating symbols.