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PowerShell Module to support downloading test results from Azure DevOps
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This module downloads the test results (TRX files, code coverage, etc.) associated with a build in Azure DevOps. Additionally, the dependencies of the TRX file can will be restored using the directory structure specified in the TRX, optionally being restored into a directory structure which is user-configurable.


WintellectPowerShell is in the PowerShell Gallery. To install, execute the following command:

Install-Module -Name AzDOTestResults -Scope CurrentUser

This will configure the module and make the included cmdlets available. Full details are available in the related help file.


The module is intended to be used inside a task in Azure Devops. To use the module, just add a PowerShell script task with the following inline script:

Install-Module AzDOTestResults -Scope CurrentUser -Force -AllowClobber 
Import-Module AzDOTestResults 

If you use the YAML-based builds:

- powershell: |
   Install-Module AzDOTestResults -Scope CurrentUser -Force -AllowClobber 
   Import-Module AzDOTestResults 
  displayName: 'Download Test Results'

This will ensure the complete set of test results is located in $(Agent.TempDirectory)/TestResults. You can use the Copy-TestResultToCommon task to store the files in Common.TestResultsDirectory or use Copy-TestResult -OutputFolder path-to-folder to specify your own location.


A set of Pester tests is included to make it easier to validate the behavior of the functions within the module. To run these tests in PowerShell or PowerShell Core, ensure Pester is installed (Install-Module -Name Pester) and execute the following steps in the root of the project:

Import-Module Pester
Invoke-Pester tests
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