Children's alarm clock
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Children's alarm clock

This script runs on my Raspberry Pi, which is connected to a 7" touchscreen. As I leave the room after having said goodnight to my kid, I start the script (in night mode) which displays an image on the screen indicating it's daystime. After a few minutes, the image is replaced by another one indicating that it's night time, and that the it's time to go to sleep. The script is triggered by double clicking an icon on the touchscreen.

In the morning, the script dislays the daytime image. The script is triggered by a simple cron job.


The script itself

Put the script somewhere in the file system, for example /home/pi/scripts/alarmclock.

Raspbian icon

Enable trigging the script by double clicking an icon on the touchscreen, but adding a file such as this:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cat ~/Desktop/goodnight.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Some comment
Exec=/bin/bash /home/pi/scripts/alarmclock/ 10 90

Install dependencies

sudo apt-get install feh

Upload nighttime and daytime images

Create the folders in which the nighttime and daytime image(s) will be located:

mkdir ~/Pictures/{sleeping,awake}

Place one or more images in their respective folders.


Create a crontab entry to start the script in the morning:

15 06 * * * /bin/bash /home/pi/scripts/alarmclock/ 90


You might want to reduce the touch sensitivity on the touchscreen, if you find it difficult to start the script by double clicking the icon.


The script can be ran in two "modes": Night time and daytime. For nigth time mode, execute the script like this:

/bin/bash /home/pi/scripts/alarmclock/ <awake_time> <sleep_time>

The first argument set the number of minutes to display the daytime image, before switching to the night time image. After <sleep_time> minutes, the screen goes blank.

The second mode, the daytime mode, is run like this:

/bin/bash /home/pi/scripts/alarmclock/ <awake_time> 

The day time image will be displayed <awake_time> minutes, after which the screen goes blank.