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curldrop is a simple (less than 100 LOC) web app that allows you to upload files straight from your terminal with curl. It is inspired by services like curl.io and Transfer.sh.

Get started

Simply start the curldrop service...

Start curldrop

... and start uploading files with curl:

Upload a file to curldrop

Install and run

Install via pip:

pip install curldrop

You can now run curldrop:


There are also some additional options:

Usage: curldrop [OPTIONS]

  --port INTEGER     Port to listen on, default is 8000
  --upload-dir TEXT  Directory where uploads are stored, if not specified the
                     current working directory will be used
  --baseurl TEXT     Base URL, e.g. http://example.com:8000/
  --timeout INTEGER  Number of seconds before a worker will timeout
  --workers INTEGER  Number of workers
  --help             Show this message and exit.

Uploading files

You can now upload files to your curldrop, here are some basic examples.

Upload a single file

curl --upload-file cat.jpg example.com

Upload multiple files

curl --upload-file "{path/to/file1,path/to/file2}" example.com