🚆 schiene is a Python library for interacting with Bahn.de
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🚆 schiene

schiene is a Python library for interacting with Bahn.de. Consider it a unofficial API client. This library uses realtime, live information retrieved from Bahn.de and therefore contains information on delays, cancellations etc.

Note: if you do not need live information (delays etc.) you can use the new official Fahrplan API from Deutsche Bahn. Also, the Bahn.de HTML code is a steaming pile of shit that can cause this library to break at any time. Do not use for any critical stuff.


schiene was built during a Hackday event at PhraseApp


pip install schiene

Usage examples

>>> import schiene
>>> s = schiene.Schiene()
>>> s.connections('Mannheim HbF', 'Stuttgart HbF')
[{'arrival': '13:08',
  'canceled': True,
  'delay' : {
    'delay_departure' : 15,
    'delay_arrival': 0
  'departure': '12:30',
  'details': 'http://mobile.bahn.de/bin/mobil/query.exe/dox?ld=15085&n=1&i=or.0179785.1439546366&rt=1&use_realtime_filter=1&co=C0-1&vca&HWAI=CONNECTION$C0-1!details=opened!&',
  'price': 39.0,
  'products': ['ICE'],
  'time': '0:38',
  'transfers': 0},
 {'arrival': '13:54',
  'departure': '12:38',
  'details': 'http://mobile.bahn.de/bin/mobil/query.exe/dox?ld=15085&n=1&i=or.0179785.1439546366&rt=1&use_realtime_filter=1&co=C0-2&vca&HWAI=CONNECTION$C0-2!details=opened!&',
  'ontime': True,
  'price': 30.0,
  'products': ['S', 'EC'],
  'time': '1:16',
  'transfers': 1},
>>> s.stations('Hamburg')
[{'extId': '008002549',
  'id': 'A=1@O=Hamburg '
  'prodClass': '15',
  'state': 'id',
  'type': '1',
  'typeStr': '[Bhf/Hst]',
  'value': 'Hamburg Hbf',
  'weight': '24258',
  'xcoord': '10006908',
  'ycoord': '53552732'},
 {'extId': '008002548',
  'id': 'A=1@O=Hamburg '
  'prodClass': '31',
  'state': 'id',
  'type': '1',
  'typeStr': '[Bhf/Hst]',
  'value': 'Hamburg Dammtor',
  'weight': '27663',
  'xcoord': '9989568',
  'ycoord': '53560751'},

Projects using schiene

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