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### Authors
- - [Kenrick Turner](@kenners), Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital
- - [Andrew Ho](@andrewlkho), St. George's Hospital, London
- - [Gunnar Rø](@gulfa), University of Durham
+ - Kenrick Turner (@kenners), Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital
+ - Andrew Ho (@andrewlkho), St. George's Hospital, London
+ - Gunnar Rø (@gulfa), University of Durham
- Filip Van Tornout, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital
### Contact
-Correspondance should be addressed to [Kenrick](@kenners): kenrickturner[at]
+Correspondance should be addressed to Kenrick: kenrickturner[at]
[1]: "Société Française d’Anesthésie et de Réanimation's website"
[2]: "Search Google for 'thoracoscore'"
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