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Hey, look, it's one of those git visualizer things. Inspired by the beautiful acaudwell/Gource project. This rough script uses mbostock/d3 to create a force directed layout of your git repo, showing commits over time by the authors.

Check out a demo, using the jquery repo as an example, here:

To run this over your own repo:

  1. Install gource (brew install gource)

  2. cd to the root of your repo

  3. Create a git log file gource --output-custom-log mylog.log

  4. Copy that file to the jsource folder

  5. Convert your log file to json node format_log.js

  6. Start a local browser python -m SimpleHTTPServer &

  7. Load up index.html open http://localhost:8000/

Copyrighted, licensed and patented to the hilt. I own you now.

(HTML and CSS adapted from the force-directed layout example of d3.)