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CLI tool for svelte to help you be productive
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baelte 🥋

Bælte - [ˈbεldə] : Danish for belt. Helps you keep your pants on.

CLI tool for svelte that helps you be productive.

  • 🔋 Batteries included: You get a test suite out of the box.
  • 🚀 Scaffold new projects in seconds
  • 📦 Generate components and tests with one command


npm install -g baelte

baelte new project-name

Command What it does
baelte new project-name Scaffolds a new svelte project in "/project-name"
baelte generate component component-name Generates a component as well as a component test file with boilerplate
yarn dev Runs the app in dev mode on localhost:5000
yarn test Runs the test suite

Important note

baelte is very new and perhaps not stable. Until v1 is released the assumed project structure might change.

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