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WIP: A clone of Ember-cli written in Rust
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A clone of Ember-CLI written in Rust.

What this is

I am currently learning Rust and I'm honestly not good at it.

So, as a learning project I'm creating a clone of Ember CLI in Rust.

Expect the code to be awful - I'm learning as I go...

What this is not

  • Stable - it probably won't work on your machine.
  • An official project
  • A replacement of Ember CLI

How to install

cargo install rember

Goal for version 1 (classic app structure):

Feature Status
ember new rember new project-name works in most cases, but is missing support for flags.
ember generate
ember serve


Want to help?

  • Give the supported features a try and report bugs
  • Learning Rust as well? Reach out to me and we can work on this together
  • Are you a Rust expert? Please review my code and provide feedback.
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