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OpenComparison helps you easily identify and compare good apps, frameworks, plugins, and other types of packages, using comparison grids.


  • Comparison grids with wiki-like editing capability
    • Add packages to grid
    • Add/edit grid features
    • Toggle between simple and smart grids
    • Filter grid by search text
    • Extendable grid templatetags for custom feature display/styling
  • Storage of package info, fetched from public APIs
    • PyPI
    • Github
    • BitBucket
    • Launchpad
    • SourceForge
  • Basic search
    • Autocomplete packages/grids
  • Social features
    • "I use this" button
    • Latest packages featured on homepage
  • "Add package" and "Add grid" forms

  • Extendable package model, using package extenders

  • Customizable navigation menus, editable via admin

The Site

The most current example is live and functional at

We are getting ready to launch Subdomains such as and will be available shortly.

The Documentation

The documentation is hosted at


The code is open-source and licensed under the MIT license.


For Django Dash 2010, @pydanny and @audreyr (the "Scared of Rabbits" team) created Django Packages and have been working on it since then, turning it into the OpenComparison framework.

They are joined by a host of core developers and contributors. See

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